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MC DRIVER • White & Turquoise Suede

As we welcome the warmer months, we’re proud to introduce our stunning new collection, designed for those who cherish the blend of luxury and functionality in every aspect of their life. The MC Driver car shoes are not just footwear; they’re an ode to the rich Italian automotive tradition, where elegance meets practicality in perfect harmony.

Crafted from luxurious white and turquoise suede, these car shoes boast a moccasin construction that ensures a snug yet supremely comfortable fit. Ideal for both exhilarating drives and leisurely strolls, the MC Driver car shoes are your companion for summer adventures.

What truly sets these shoes apart is the beige driver gommino rubber sole, featuring flexible rubber pebbles for enhanced grip and unparalleled comfort. This thoughtful design detail ensures that every step is a joy, whether you’re navigating urban streets or open roads.

Prepare for summer with the MC Driver • White & Turquoise Suede car shoes. Now is the perfect time to embrace Italian luxury and innovation, bringing both style and comfort to the forefront for the discerning driver.


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